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DrDre’s Color Matching Tool v1.2


In the previous post, I used DrDre’s excellent color matching tool. It works even better with high-bit images.

This free tool plays an essential role in some of the fan-based film restorations that are under way. Its strength is in the fact that if you get two or more print scans, then matching the colours as closely as possible to each other is a difficult task to do manually. This tool builds a LUT that will match your second source to your primary source for you near perfectly, and it can be automatically applied to an image sequence. That may sound less useful, but in film restoration it’s just as easy to work with a sequence of TIFF image files as it is to work with a Prores file, and it’s easy to convert to TIFF and back to Prores (or whatever format you wish to work with). Another way you could use this tool is to re-grade a higher quality source to match your film print scan.

Further information about this excellent tool can be found on, and A video tutorial was provided by

Download (182MB): colormatchv1_2_pkg.exe

  CRC-32: f3ba0d72
     MD5: 4f42b6ad4f56b46479571476fbe7e95a
   SHA-1: 3d6b2429e91da516801a8d53983956ac36db20b1
 SHA-256: 57e41313adb13dc56ba41c58103dbd37684a3bd7d66eae52b3d759d187708a2c

Program is © 2015, DrDre. Please note that at the time of writing, v1.2 is the latest – not “1.3”.

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