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Scanning Cinderella


We have begun scanning Cinderella. The opinion of the Bluray is mixed to say the very least. But from my point of view, the overall quality of the commercial release is not important. What’s important is preserving art in its original form. We are at risk of loosing our motion-picture art to revisionism. I wish we had access to the lab elements like Disney does, then we could produce a release that is better quality than any theatrical print.

Nevertheless this is our opportunity to make our own version from film elements that is faithful to the theatrical experience. Please do not let me mislead you: it will be quite some time before a release worthy of “Myspleen” is ready. We have only scanned one print, and while it is in excellent overall condition, there are some parts that are missing and will need to be replaced using a secondary scan. Additionally, parts of the audio completely drop out as well, which will also need to be repaired using a second scan. Luckily I do have another Technicolor print to scan in the future which will help with repairing the issues in our main print.

Here is the first few minutes of Reel 1:

Here is a comparison with the Bluray of part of Reel 3:

And some comparisons with a 16mm scan at the end of Reels 1 and 3:

Cinderella: © 1950, Disney.

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