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Privacy Policy

Effective date: May 31 2018

This privacy policy sets out clearly how information given to us is handled. Our aim is not just to meet privacy laws, it is to meet and where possible exceed your expectations of privacy.

Information we collect from visitors and how we use it

We do not run ads. Therefore no information is collected for the purpose of advertising.

We collect basic analytic data through the server’s logs. We collect information you actively give us, such as emails and comments on posts. We do not collect any other personal information from visitors to our site. We don’t share your data unless authorised to do so.

We use the analytic data understand the profile of our visitors. We use the data actively given to us to improve your experience.

How we protect your information

Only limited information is stored on the server. It is behind a securely encrypted website, no personal data is ever sent over the unencrypted HTTP protocol. It’s also important to note, that with the exception of post comments no data is shared publicly, or privately with others. This includes your email addresses.

While we do our best to offer a secure website, we must acknowledge that no data transmission is ever 100% secure. So we can’t guarantee your security, we advise that use of this website is at your own risk, and you should take reasonable steps on your end to secure your internet communications device.

Third-party disclosure

We do not sell, trade, or otherwise transfer to outside parties your personally identifiable information. Post comments are protected by Akismet, by submitting a comment on this site you authorise us to share the data with Akismet as set out in the Akismet privacy policy. We have disabled Gravatar.

Some of the content of this website is 3rd party embedded. For example Youtube and Vimeo videos, and Google fonts. These resources send data as if you were visiting the websites yourself, including referrer data (although we do honor Do Not Track requests see section further down). Our privacy policy does not cover what these third parties do with your data and are covered by the privacy policies you can find on their websites.

We do not allow third-party behavioral tracking.


This is a Wordpress website and visitor cookies are never set by default. You may opt-in to setting some limited cookies when making a comment.

How we handle Do Not Track requests

Our website honors Do Not Track (DNT) requests. In response to a DNT request the server will set the “Referrer-Policy” HTTP header to the value “no-referrer”. This instructs your browser not to send the referrer header on all requests. This includes links both internal and external/embedded content such as Youtube and Vimeo videos. Additionally external page resources will be loaded from a local mirror (e.g. Google Fonts). This does not apply to embedded videos. As cookies are not normally set, and the one case where cookies are set (submitting a comment) is opt-in, DNT requests will not affect cookies.