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Scanning Jungle Book (1967)


For over a year now we have been working on preserving Jungle Book, from three IB Technicolor prints. We scanned the first print a while ago and a reel of the second print. Here is a preview from the first print containing the “I wanna be like you” section:

We did some very minimal cropping on that preview. However, here is the full reel from the second print (download link valid for 7 days):


That preview is not cropped and shows the full frame of the video. That is the only reel we transferred from print 2, and you can see that in that version there are no splices in the “I wanna be like you” song. We will shortly be scanning a 3rd print, a German IB Technicolor print.

We hope you enjoy our previews, and when you do finally see a release pop up somewhere please please do not sell it!

Jungle Book: © 1967, Disney.

2 thoughts on “Scanning Jungle Book (1967)”

  1. Hi,
    Could you upload again the movie on WeTransfer please? The link unfortunately isn’t avaliable anymore…
    I love your site and your scans!! I hope someday could see Cinderella and Snow White in 35mm scans! I have a scan from 1957 of Snow White with the original 1938 german dub and a 1951 scan of Bambi with the original 1951 german dub 🙂

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