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As you will have noticed we have posted some of our own trailers. That is trailers we have that Wrench scanned for us. We have a bunch more to do in the future as well, but we thought we’d point you towards some trailers that others have had scanned in their own respective seedy film labs. These are trailers you won’t find on any blu-ray or DVD – well that’s not true, you’ll find most of them actually. But what you might notice is that often they’re of really low quality on official releases. We hypothesise that in most cases this is because they were scanned as prints on Telecines configured for positive or negative film, resulting in those really crushed blacks and muted colours. So kudos to people who scan their own, and here are some places you’ll find them…

The 007 Dossier

Posted by a guy who goes by the handle “Williarob”. This guy is prolific, he has so far scanned more than 50 trailers that we know of, mostly Bond, and has posted most of them to his website and associated Youtube channel. He posts the non-Bond trailers on his other Youtube channel. Hours of fun lie ahead there!

Here are the links with 007 titles first, and others following:

The Spy Who Loved Me TV Spot Goldeneye Moonraker Octopussy The Spy Who Loved Me Skyfall (Teaser and Trailer) Die Another Day Live and Let Die The Living Daylights The World Is Not Enough Tomorrow Never Dies Casino Royale Thunderball TV Spots Goldfinger TV Spot Dr. No TV Spots You Only Live Twice TV Spots For Your Eyes Only You Only Live Twice A View to a Kill – Teaser Never Say Never Again – Teaser For Your Eyes Only – Teaser Live and Let Die Trailer #2 Die Another Day – Trailers in German Licence to Kill – Teaser Goldeneye – Teaser and Scope Trailer A View to a Kill Quantum of Solace – 2x Trailers Live and Let Die TV Spot The Spy Who Loved Me TV Spot License to Kill – US Trailer Diamonds are Forever TV Spot Casino Royale (1976) TV Spot From Russia With Love / Thunderball TV Spot The Spy Who Loved Me TV Spot #1 The Spy Who Loved Me TV Spot #2 The Spy Who Loved Me TV Spot #3 The Spy Who Loved Me TV Spot #4 On Her Majesty’s Secret Service The Man with the Golden Gun For Your Eyes Only TV Spot #1 For Your Eyes Only TV Spot #2 For Your Eyes Only TV Spot #3 For Your Eyes Only TV Spot #4 The Spy Who Loved Me / Moonraker TV Spot #1 The Spy Who Loved Me / Moonraker TV Spot #2 Diamonds Are Forever Goldfinger TV Spot The Living Daylights (Flat) Diamonds Are Forever (Scope) Goldeneye Teaser – Open Matte

Capricon One Poltergeist Star Trek The Motion Picture The Fly E.T. The Extra Terrestrial Terminator II – Teaser Aliens Waterworld Star Trek IV – The Voyage Home


Sometimes you’ll find random videos posted on Youtube, like this:

However, we’re more interested in Jonathan Froes’ channel that boasts an impressive 25 scanned trailers to date! Here are the links:

Aleins Teaser Alien Trailer #3 What Have They Done To Your Daughters? Return of the Jedi Revenge of the Jedi Friday the 13th part 8 (Jason Takes Manhattan The Goonies – Extended Trailer Cannonball Run 2 Hitler (1962) The Ghost of Frankenstein Son of Frankenstein Gone With the Wind (Re-Release) The Werewolf (1956, Incomplete) Monster On Campus Nightmare on Elm Street 3 – Dream Warriors A View To A Kill – Teaser A View To A Kill – Trailer Child’s Play 2 – Teaser Run (1991) The Exorcist III Darkman The Fly 2 – A New Generation Is Born Three Men And A Little Lady

Kudos indeed!

Another Youtube channel with multiple trailers is Their website has their trailers too of course. Here are the links:

Star Wars (1982 re-release) Empire Strikes Back Return of the Jedi Raiders of the Lost Ark Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Back to the Future Revenge of the Jedi – Teaser Star Wars Special Edidtion Trailers in German

If you know of any other repositories let us know in the comments or by email!

All trailers are TM & © to their respective owners.

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