- red pill or blue bill?

The Matrix


Well it can’t have escaped your attention that the website’s title graphic is of a pivotal scene in the Matrix. What you may not know is that I used two different sources for the screenshot depicting Morpheus with the red and blue pills. Here is how the screenshot appears on the officially release bluray:

And this is how the cinematic print scan looks:

Now you can see why the hand with the red pill looks warmer and brighter than the other hand. We stylised it, but we didn’t change that.

Like all great Hollywood blockbusters, The Matrix was followed by two truly terrible sequels. In the sequels Neo has lost his love of guns, and the Matrix scenes were given a green tint in post-production. The bluray has the Matrix tinted green as well. The film originally used tinted light globes on set to achieve the effect, which is why it is lost in the outdoor scenes. It’s interesting that even IMDb incorrectly says the scenes were tinted in the original, and this just goes to show how people can come to believe something when presented with an altered version that conforms to the schema.

While you figure out which version you wish to view, we’ll leave you with this aptly titled link:
Rebooting “The Matrix” is an even worse idea than Hollywood’s usual self-cannibalism

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