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35mm The Orphanage Teaser Trailer


What’s your favourite scary movie? Ever since Drew Barrymore asked that seminal question of us in the 1996 cinematic masterpiece Scream, we have been searching for an answer. We think The Orphanage is damn scary, and one of our favourites. So we had the teaser trailer scanned in HD, and we hope you enjoy! As far as we know, this represents the teaser’s full high definition debut on the internet. This trailer isn’t on the UK bluray, and the BD trailers are all in standard definition. We suggest viewing full-screen @ 1080p.

Teaser: TM & © 2006, Rodar y Rodar Cine y Television & Telecinco Cinema.

You can grab the blu-ray from Amazon at a bargain price at the moment and confirmed region-free. See for more information.

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